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24 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Solutions for Efficient Military Spectrum Operations in the Middle East

Military operations increasingly depend on electromagnetic spectrum. An ever-increasing number of communication and non-communication systems must share the existing spectrum. There is a rising number of automated Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets relying on wireless connectivity. In addition, conflicts today in the Middle East, as everywhere else in the world, involve many coalition and joint task forces, driving the demand for more and timely information at every level of command.

LS telcom provides a large product portfolio addressing the latest challenges in spectrum monitoring Electronic Warfare (EW) and spectrum management:
LS telcom’s LS OBSERVER, the monitoring and data analysis system for the forces
SPECTRAmil system: an integrated, automated, centralized and net-centric system for spectrum management and electronic warfare
Hardware and software system integration
Spectrum consulting & engineering services, training

The forces detect, measure and monitor frequencies with LS OBSERVER
The LS OBSERVER spectrum monitoring and analysis system consists of a central management unit, software for detailed measurement data analysis and various remote measurement units (RMUs) for great flexibility. These can be fixed, portable, mobile or flying - depending on the demand. It measures the complete frequency range and stores all the measurement data.
Geo-spatial and temporal spectrum monitoring
EW Operations (electronic protection, electronic attack, electronic support)
Spectrum availability, frequency channel occupancy
Area of Operations (AOO) frequency channel occupation
Network coverage measurements
Direction finding to locate hostile or interfering transmitters
Real or near-real time indications and warnings (I&W)
Real, near-real time or post mission measurement analysis of data
Comparative analysis of measured data against records in the authoritative database

SPECTRAmil: The Military’s Automated and Integrated System for Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare
LS telcom’s Spectrum Management and Electronic Warfare System SPECTRAmil covers all the procedures for electromagnetic spectrum operations from spectrum management, frequency assignment and allotment, policy, host nation and international coordination as well as electronic warfare operations.
The system is very flexible in its use. Interference analysis, frequency assignments, and other engineering calculations are adaptable depending on the level of command. They range from sophisticated calculation manipulation for high-level long-term frequency management, through to the soldier’s unique engineering and spectrum planning requirements, to ‘one-button-operations’ for real-time results presentation to dismounted soldiers.
Andre Forkert

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #2/2015, available at the show and on booth #C1 10-11.

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