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26 February 2015

Controp Debuts Advanced 3D Video Motion Detection System

Controp Precision Technologies, a world leader in EO/IR defense and homeland security solutions, is proud to debut at this year's GSA Global Security Asia 2015 its recent technological breakthrough - the new 3D-GUARD – Advanced 3 Dimensional Video Motion Detection System.

Providing precise indication of target location, size and course of movement, the 3D-GUARD system acts as reliable "virtual fence" and can be installed on poles or towers, can operate as a fast deployment system or as a stand-alone solution.  It can be controlled from a central Command and Control Systems (C2). Due to the automatic detection features of this breakthrough system, a single Operator can control a very large number of systems over a wide geographic area from a single C2 station. The system is easy to operate and information is displayed next to the object on the display. 

Designed for the protection of borders, strategic facilities and perimeters, 3D-GUARD is a day/night system for 24/7 automatic detection and alert of moving targets/intruders.

According to VP Marketing, Mr. Johnny Carni: "In a time where threats are getting more and more sophisticated and less likely to be detected by traditional technologies – we felt it was necessary to make a significant leap in technology. Adding the 3rd dimension enables us to provide our clients with an extremely reliable system, with a very low percentage of false alarms and a very good Probability of Detection. As R&D processes moved forward, we realized the added value of such a system and the new capabilities it grants to the defenses of a facility or a border. The new 3D-GUARD uses complex algorithms to automatically calculate the data that is collected from the dedicated area and from the target itself – and provides conclusive directives for the Operator’s use. This new capability ensures exceptionally high levels of security."

The capabilities of this new "staring" system drastically reduce the nuisance of false alarms that are typical of other Video Analytic (VA) systems. With the 3D-GUARD only real targets will “trigger” the Operator’s attention and will require the Operator’s involvement. Comprised of two stationary cameras with fixed fields-of-view, the 3D-GUARD has a detection range of up to 1000 meters.  The two cameras can be dual Thermal Imagers (TI) Uncooled Infrared (IR) Cameras or dual Day TV Cameras.

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