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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Eying Up Things: Fr. Lürssen’s MRO Services

One of the lessons learned during recent years is the paramount importance of logistic support of naval ships. The essence of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) is that it extends the life of existing platforms and materiel – reducing costs and increasing efficiencies. The acronym MRO is intimately associated with the success of naval missions. MRO is not an extra service; it forms part of the portfolio of the world’s technology leaders in naval shipbuilding like Fr. Lürssen Werft in Germany. The shipyard – with a number of facilities located across northern Germany – offers a comprehensive naval vessel MRO service. Since the acquisition of the Neue Jadewerft shipyard in Wilhelmshaven in 2004, the shipbuilder further expanded its activities in this field, offering maintenance, repair, and modernisation of ships up to a length of 150m. Today, these facilities are among the leading ones for maintenance of large naval vessels and commercial ships in Germany.
Since naval fleets are involved in a diverse range of missions around the globe, this sort of service offered by Fr. Lürssen Werft is essential to help bring naval platforms to service as quickly as possible. It covers the range of naval platforms – from small patrol boats, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV), and corvettes to frigates and fleet support ships. Whatever the reason, there is an enormous need to ensure that existing platforms are maintained and serviced with the least amount of down time. One observation is that modularity of modern naval platforms makes them less expensive to maintain, and less time-consuming to modernise.

Lürssen Group’s Neue Jadewerft shipyard in Wilhelmshaven supports large naval ships and commercial vessels by a comprehensive package of MRO services. (Photo: Lürssen Group)

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