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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: BRIMSTONE 2 Eurofighter TYPHOON Integration Signed

Eurofighter and NETMA, watched by representatives of the four core EUROFIGHTER nations, Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK, today (Sunday 22 February 2015) at IDEX, signed a €200 million contract which will secure the integration of the BRIMSTONE 2 precision-guided missile onto the Eurofighter TYPHOON.

(Front L-R) Alberto Gutierrez, CEO of Eurofighter and Air-Vice Marshal Graham Farnell: (Back L-R)  Representing Germany, General Erhard Bὔhler, Director Defence Plans & Policy; for Spain Ministry of Defence, Secretary of State, Pedro Arguelles; representing the UK, Philip Dunne Minister for Defence Equipment, Support and Technology and for Italy, Lieutenant General Enzo Stefanini.

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