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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Rheinmetall - More Than Just One “HEL-Light”

At this year’s IDEX, Rheinmetall once again offers an impressive overview of its wide-ranging activities in the realm of effectors, high-mobility tactical and logistical vehicles, soldier systems, force protection, sensors, and air defence, as well as training and simulation. A highpoint this year: The group’s mobile and stationary high-energy laser effector systems.

High-energy laser (HEL) effector (Photos: Rheinmetall)

High-energy laser (HEL) effectors are silent, high-precision weapons, endowed with a long maximum effective range and excellent scalability. Moreover, they can be networked with a multitude of conventional effectors to form formidable weapons systems. At IDEX 2015 the group is showcasing two of the many possible applications. On display at the Rheinmetall stand is a unique air defence fire unit. Controlled by a SKYGUARD 3 fire control system, it boasts a 35mm Oerlikon REVOLVER Gun Mk2, an ASRAD-1 anti-aircraft missile launcher as well as a stationary 30kW HEL effector. Also on hand at the Rheinmetall stand is a mobile HEL effector mounted on a BOXER multi-role armoured vehicle. Both HEL systems were in action at the group’s much-watched live demonstration at the end of 2013.

Building on over 125 years of experience in the world of weapons and ammunition. Likewise on show for the first time at IDEX, the Oerlikon REVOLVER Gun Mk2 makes full use of Rheinmetall’s Ahead ammunition technology. Moreover, with a few minor modifications, the automatic cannon can be made C-RAM-capable.

Mortar systems provide infantry units with an organic indirect fire capability. Here, Rheinmetall supplies a complete range of ammunition in all standard calibres as well as top-notch fire control technology. At the same time, the group continues to expand its role as a “one-stop shop” for 40mm technology. Besides a comprehensive array of ammunition, Rheinmetall supplies advanced fire control systems such as the VINGMATE family of products. Also on view at the Rheinmetall stand are two new 120mm tank rounds: The DM11 and RH31 High Explosive Super Quick, both optimised for the modern battlefield. Visitors to IDEX can familiarize themselves with the Group’s entire ammunition portfolio – from medium-calibre cartridges to artillery shells.

Mobility, survivability, reliability: Tactical and logistical vehicles from Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Wheeled Armoured Vehicles continue to form the backbone of mechanised forces. In contemporary asymmetric conflicts, factors such as all-terrain mobility, survivability, firepower and command and control capabilities are as important as ever. Jointly developed by Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) on behalf of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr), the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle is among the most advanced systems of its kind anywhere. In hot weather trials conducted by the Bundeswehr in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the PUMA performed perfectly. The GTK BOXER – likewise the product of Rheinmetall and KMW cooperation – numbers among the world’s most mobile and best-protected wheeled vehicles. It has proved its mettle in action with the Bundeswehr and elsewhere. The vehicle’s two- part concept, consisting of a drive module and mission module, enables outstanding versatility. Rheinmetall recently developed its own wheeled IFV variant armed with a two-man LANCE turret.


The HEL variant on display at IDEX 2015 underscores the BOXER’s tremendous future potential. Dependable vehicles form the essential link in every military logistics chain. RMMV offers the perfect answer with its TG, HX and SX series trucks. Tried and tested over the decades, these families of robust, versatile vehicles have proven themselves in operations around the world.


At IDEX 2015, the group’s new SURVIVOR R is on show for the first time in the Middle East. Co-produced with Austria’s Achleitner, here the vehicle is configured for a command post role. Force protection Whether the object is preventing optical, optronic or electronic detection, or developing individual body armour, innovative vehicle systems or even safeguarding large-scale critical infrastructure, Rheinmetall supplies cutting edge systems and total solutions – all from a single source.

Active protection encompasses the high-performance “soft kill” solutions that Rheinmetall produces for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and ships. At IDEX 2015 the Group is presenting the latest version of its Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS), which features improved sensors and countermeasures for MMW anti-ship missiles and torpedoes. In the event of an attack, smoke/obscurant systems like ROSY render vehicles invisible to the enemy. “Hard kill” systems form the final outer layer of defence, neutralizing incoming projectiles before they reach their intended target. The group’s ADS vehicle protection system, also on show, offers an excellent example. A great strength of Rheinmetall is its unsurpassed ability to integrate new and existing technology into a highly effective system of systems. The world’s foremost supplier of soldier systems Rheinmetall’s integration capabilities also extend to battle management systems, which make it possible to network diverse systems into hard-hitting combat groups.

At Eurosatory 2014, Rheinmetall demonstrated this capability with its INIOCHOS battle management system, the GLADIUS future soldier system, developed for the Bundeswehr, and ARGUS, developed on behalf of the Canadian Armed Forces. Regardless of the degree of networking required, Rheinmetall can tailor soldier systems to meet the individual needs of customers. Sensors and fire control technology Rheinmetall’s Electro-Optics division is presenting its VINGTAQS II observation system, which combines an electro-optical surveillance capability with battlefield radar technology. Visitors to the Rheinmetall stand can also inspect the group’s tried-and-tested laser pointer, laser target marker and laser light modules, including the VARIO-RAY (LLM- VR), which now features an optional shortwave infrared red pointer; the new TAC-RAY 1500; and the LLM01, in service with numerous armed forces and law enforcement agencies.

Today, modern air defence systems have to be able to cope with asymmetric threats, including rocket, artillery and mortar (RAM) fire. This is why Rheinmetall Air Defence developed the Oerlikon SKYSHIELD MOOTW/C-RAM system. It is specifically designed for defending military installations and critical civilian infrastructure from RAM attacks – whether on the home front or in deployed operations abroad, and whether in a conventional defence context or in military operations other than war (MOOTW). The SKYSHIELD MOOTW/C-RAM system is based on Ahead airburst technology. Under the MANTIS programme, the Bundeswehr has procured two SKYSHIELD MOOTW/C-RAM systems. Simulation and training Rheinmetall is one of the world’s top suppliers of state-of-the-art simulation technology.

Rheinmetall LEGATUS live training simulation technology

At IDEX 2015 Rheinmetall is exhibiting its LEGATUS live simulation technology, which can be used for equipping combat training centres as well as in mobile settings. In addition, visitors to IDEX can learn about a maritime application used for training fast attack boat crews. The Rheinmetall group – a global partner for military systems and equipment Rheinmetall’s expertise extends beyond the supply of individual components and complete systems. Training and logistical support, cooperation agreements with local defence contractors and the supply of turnkey production and maintenance facilities are all possible, too.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #2/2015, available at the show and on booth #C1 10-11. 

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