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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: World Premier of REMULES Energy

Austrian based SMARTFLOWER Energy Technology GmbH showed for the first time ever the militarized version of its REMULES (REnewable Mobile ultra Light Energy System). The civil version is on the market since several years.

According to SAMRTFLOWER it is the world’s first All-in-one carbon fiber Solar energy system for humanitarian and military operations.

REMULES — the world’s first all-in-one, fully mobile solar energy system with an output power of 2 kWp (output AC or DC) — is built to perfection using the highest quality materials available in the solar and aerospace industries. Carbon fiber technology ensures a robust design while minimizing the weight (190 kg without the Peli transport box – another 100 kg) of all main components. The REMULES system can therefore be carried comfortably by four people and set up by just one person in under ten minutes. REMULES is also airdrop proved and tested according to NATO standards.
Furthermore — REMULES, with its integrated bi-axial sun tracking mechanism (GPS tracking to follow the sun position), is the most efficient solar energy system available, producing up to 40 % more energy than fix mounted systems.

Thanks to the use of cutting edge SST (stealth solar technology) and special composite materials for the REMULES solar modules, the modules cannot be detected by radar signals. And since it does not produce heat, it also cannot be detected by thermal imaging devices. REMULES needs a footprint of 1.2 x 2.4 m, so the system is perfect for the use fare away from fixed installations, for temporary used places like Forward Operating Bases or small outposts.
Andre Forkert

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