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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Latest Design In Multi-Part Rubber Runflat Inserts Revealed

The latest in rubber, multi-piece, run flat inserts for armoured fighting vehicles is unveiled on the Tyron Runflat Ltd’s stand, 07-C20.

The Tyron military ATR run flat is now available with Friction Shield, which is designed to further improve the performance of the world’s only multi-piece rubber run flat.  At the heart of Friction Shield is a sealed lubrication system which bursts following tyre deflation. This provides the right amount of lubricant to ensure that the tyre is not damaged further by reducing the heat generated by friction between the insert and the inside of the tyre itself, this enables the vehicle to keep functioning effectively over longer distances and higher speeds.

Friction Shield’s lubrication system is in sealed sachets to stop it drying out, or becoming contaminated and is permanently attached to the run flat itself making it impossible to forget when changing tyres.

For any run flat, adding lubrication inside the tyre is a critical part of the effectiveness of the product.  Up to now it has been a messy affair and has frequently been forgotten resulting in the tyres overheating after a very short distance.  The Tyron Friction Shield solves these problems in one,” said Richard Glazebrook, Chief Executive of Tyron Runflat. “We have done some pre-marketing of Friction Shield to our major customers and end users and all have been impressed with the benefits that it offers them.”

The Tyron multi-piece rubber run flat insert, with Friction Shield is unique, allowing the changing of tyres, even at the side of the road, without using any special tools.

Also on display on the company’s stand are the Tyron R4 and R6 wheels fitted with the All Terrain Rubber runflats which are not only multi-piece units but, like all Tyron run flats, have been ballistically tested.  The R4 designed Alloy wheel with ATR gives double beadlock with a load rating of 1600kg and a guaranteed high level of flat tyre performance which is not possible with standard wheels.

The R6 is a split rim design for buses, cash carrying and similar vehicles, which have twin rear wheels.  Like the R4 it enables the vehicle to continue with two or more tyres deflated safely for 50km.

Both the R4 and R6 can be driven evasively with all tyres shot out for a minimum of 50km at 50kph.

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