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23 February 2015

IDEX2015: DAGOR 4x4 Premiering

POLARIS is well known for their quads and 4x4, often used by Special Operation Forces (SOF). At IDEX they are showing the brand new DAGHROR 4x4 for up to 9 passengers. The DAGOR has a turbo diesel JP8 engine with a range of 805 km, can be easily transported by helicopter thanks to its rapid Boeing MH47 internal fit without modifications (up to two or in CH-53 – sling load under UH-60). It can carry a heavy weapons station (configurated for up to 48 versions) and has a large accessible rear cargo bed. According to POLARIS it is also air droppable (low velocity air drop LVAD) with a weight of just 2,041 kg. The GVW is 3,515 kg – so payload is 1,474 kg.
Standard version offer room for four passengers plus a gunner, with additional seating up to nine passengers are possible.

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