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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: EAGLE EYE – Forward Observer Artillery Vehicle test

One week before IDEX the UAE Army ended the trials for their EAGLE EYE System, a Forward Observer Artillery Vehicle. The test platform was a normal Ford 4x4 pick-up with a elevation sensor mast at the bed. Five companies are involved: L3/Wescam (sensor with night/day camera and laser rangefinder), IX Blue (navigation, positioning and imaging), EDT (position optimization of the sensor), GEROH a WILL-BURT company (elevation mast) and their UAE partner BATG Group.
As an elevation mast the EAGLE EYE is using the GEROH SPM Spindle Drive Mast 230 – 6 SPM 5. This has a max. extended height of 6 m (nested 1.7 m) a max. payload capacity of 250 kg and a tube diameter of 23 cm. The mast itself has a weight of 96 kg. It is specifically designed for heavy payloads with large windsail are as well as precision (azimuth and min. deflection). That mast holds the L3 Wescam sensor for the artillery forward observer, this is the L3 EO/IR MX-RSTA, a 4-axis multi-role reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition system for land and naval surface. It also has an laser range finder/pointer, long-range optical spotter and a cooled or uncooled long-wave IR (LWIR) imager. As options a laser designator and shortwave IR (SWIR) are available.
Andre Forkert

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