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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: MICRO MineWolf (MW50) - Protecting Forces and Maintaining Internal Security

The increasingly emerging attacks which threaten internal security in many countries require effective and safe counter-measure solutions, particularly in the field of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). In an effort to provide such needed equipment to security forces involved in maintaining stability, peace and security in their respective nations, MineWolf Systems has come up with a bespoke solution called the MICRO MineWolf (MW50).

MW50 removing a VBIED (Photo: MineWolf)

The MW50 is a remote controlled multi-purpose platform best suited for multiple scenarios in EOD/Counter-IED operations where explosive devices are threatening the lives of human beings or which are designed to attack critical infrastructure.

The compact unmanned MICRO MineWolf is the smallest MineWolf platform and offers a range of attachments, including the multi-use robotic arm for EOD tasks. Fitted with the robotic arm, the MW50 successfully fills the gap between the larger manipulator vehicles and the smaller and less robust EOD robots (ROVs). The four metre robotic arm with its selection of front-end tools, cameras and a disruptor capability fulfils a number of requirements in various scenarios. Many of such scenarios are carried out in urban areas but the platform can be operated in extreme terrain, as currently seen during operations on steep slopes of Northern Iraq.

Its compact size makes it easily manoeuvrable and transportable (on a simple trailer or the back of a pickup) proving it a safe and rapidly deployable solution for government forces to use in the event of internal security incidents, particularly those involving the use of explosive devices.

Equipped with the robotic arm, which can carry a load of several hundred kilograms - and appropriate front-end tool, the MW50 can remotely deal with any dangerous or suspect item in the following ways by:

  • Defeating it in situ using a disruptor mounted on the disruptor interface 
  • Relocating or removing it with the various grippers and buckets or with the patented EOD Multi-tool
  • Gaining access to the device using the with solid buckets, grippers or hydraulic shears
  • Examining and identifying it for subsequent EOD operating procedures using the various cameras on the system

Scenarios for deploying the MW50 on EOD tasks for military or internal security forces:

  • A suspect device has been located in the city centre and needs to defeated in situ or relocated 
  • A roadside bomb needs to be excavated
  • An IED has been spotted inside a car and the car needs to be opened first before the IED is removed or defeated in situ
  • A suspect item has been located under a bridge and needs to be identified and/or cleared
  • Remote identification; a building has been bombed and/or manipulated and might be booby trapped

The configuration of the MICRO MineWolf tool-box system can be customised to a high degree and various front-end tools can be easily integrated for the use with the robotic arm.

The MICRO MineWolf is displayed at IDEX on stand 08-A32 in the Swiss Pavilion with the camera system and the robotic arm attachment with a selection of front-end tools, including a gripper, a bucket, the patented EOD Multi-tool and the disruptor capability.

MW50 with robotic arm and disruptor capability (Photo: MineWolf)

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #2/2015, available at the show and on booth #C1 10-11. 

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