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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Microflown AVISA Showcases Game Changing Highly Accurate and Reliable Gunshot and Mortar Localisation Systems

Microflown AVISA is a Dutch SME, which develops highly accurate and reliable gunshot and mortar localisation systems, based on its extremely small Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) technology.

The core product is the Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS), which has low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) and can be deployed on all sorts of carrying platforms, such as: Vehicles, Helicopters, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), (Fast) Boats, and Buoys. Installed on any of these platforms, the AMMS provides a true Multi-Threat localisation capability, enabling the end user to locate Small Arms Fire (SAF) and Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM). This technology provides outstanding results on directional accuracy of  typically 1.5 degrees.

According to the company, unlike traditional acoustic shot detection systems in the marketplace, the AMMS technology is the only one which accurately measures the direction of the hostile shooter and does not roughly calculate it.

The latest advancements of this game changing technology is shown at IDEX 2015. The highlight is the, according to Microflown AVISA, worldwide first Acoustic UAV payload that automatically locates sniper and mortar fire positions.  In cooperation with WB Electronics, the Polish FLYEYE UAV has been equipped and is displayed at booth 10-B33. Further, the product family of AMMS is showcased with the latest innovations. The Forward-Flown AMMS is for the first time in public, next to the Vehicle Based AMMS (V-AMMS), which just has been fielded with the Armed Forces of the Netherlands.

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