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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Heavy Duty Mast

Will-Burt and subsidiary GEROH are showing their brought portfolio of military elevation solutions, from very light (30kg weight) up to heavy duty (max. 600kg payload). Six of their masts are presented at their booth (Hall 5 C587).

The newest product is the Ultra Heavy Duty locking system (UHDL). The UHDL 18 m offers a max. extended height of 18m, a nested height of 3.4m and a max. payload of 544kg. The mast has a weight of 399kg. As options there are different heights (3-30m) available on customer request. The mast is qualified after MIL-STD and the technical challenge was to get tubes big and at the same time straight enough to carry that payload – even at high winds. US Forces and other military Organizations around the world are looking at this solution to use it for surveillance missions, e.g. on a trailer. GEROH is also producing military trailers. GEROH masts are used on the FENNEK and DINGO of the Bundeswehr as well as international vehicles (e.g. 2 masts on a BRDM 2, COBRA (Turkey) or the COMMANDO (by Nexter).
Andre Forkert

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