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23 February 2015

IDEX: DOLL Fahrzeugbau GmbH

As the industry’s most competent partner DOLL delivers a wide range of military vehicles which definitely exceed in meeting the stringent logistical requirements for daily operations. Due to its innovative strength and its sophisticated technology combined with his many years of experience DOLL is a leading European manufacturer for military transport solutions. DOLL fulfills the customer’s demands and requests such as different levels of local content at any time to create valuable competitive advantages for them.
Especially the last quarter of 2014 confirmed this fact as it was characterised by numerous national and international tender offers for military trailers and bodies. Resulting from the world-wide activities DOLL was able to land important orders such as 40 HET for Central Asia and 20 trailers for a European Country.
Among DOLL’s product rang the most competitive types are:
bodies in different executions (torsion less, torsion resistant), for various payloads and mounted on each required chassis; as well as different
trailer concepts – from a 1-axle trailer up to multi-axle trailers with payloads up to 20 t, platform bodies for general transport tasks or for ISO containers and special shelter transport and customized special trailers.
For the transport of heavy equipment like tanks, DOLL is offering semi-trailers for heavy haulage in 3 to 8 axle version.  Increased mobility is guaranteed with the hydraulic running gear, pendelum axles or the innovative panther system and compensating gooseneck. Full service and ILS support is guaranteed in order to keep the forces moving.
Andre Forkert

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