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24 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Qioptiq – Right on Target!

Where the soldier is concerned, Qioptiq has long recognised that new product development is crucial in maintaining the capability of a decisive fighting force. For the Special Operations element of that force ensuring mission success through innovative technology applications is vital especially as operations shift from Afghanistan and previously Iraq to new territory and an adaptive evolving enemy.

DRAGON LONG RANGE is part of Qioptiq’s DRAGON family of uncooled Thermal Products from Qioptiq that utilize the latest in uncooled thermal camera, electronics and optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability. (Photos: Qioptiq)

To stay ahead constant innovation, research and technology is important, allowing engineers to consider the challenges of tomorrow and respond through an innovative approach. With a number of potentially revolutionary capabilities emerging as key enabling technologies the roadmap for Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Engagement is becoming increasingly interesting - with significant enhancements in sighting system capability through technology evolution and deeper integration.

It is widely recognised that modern small arms weapon systems are incredibly accurate and reliable, and that the challenge is being able to DRI the target 24 hours a day, through all weathers and battlefield conditions, with users under physical and cognitive pressure. Sighting Systems need to be easy to use, effective through all weathers and provide the ability to detect targets at the maximum range possible in order to prepare the User for the next course of action. The challenge for Qioptiq is to provide all of this capability to the User in a package (or suite) that is easy to use and easily configurable for role/mission requirements, whilst remaining affordable and having the potential to endure a service life of 10-15 years.

When considering soldier and vehicle systems, one is likely to find high performance optics from Qioptiq enabling thermal weapon sights (TWS), observation & targeting sights, NVGs, remote weapon stations (RWS), driver's vision enhancement (DVE), situational awareness (SA), laser designators, eyepieces, helmet mounted displays (HMD), fire control, and laser range finders (LRF). In tactical missile systems one finds advanced domes from Qioptiq. Missile warning and targeting systems are enabled by Qioptiq High performance optical systems for IR and ultraviolet missile warners (MWS), IR countermeasures (IRCM), IRST, targeting pods -along with precision long-range zoom modules for border-surveillance, UAV and maritime applications in surveillance systems.
A flexible approach during design is matched with the capability across the visible to IR wavebands, providing integrated optical solutions with any sensor technology currently available. With a combination of dynamic engineering, manufacturing expertise, motivation and reputation, Qioptiq has the total capability to provide some of the most innovative and focused optical solutions to today's technological challenges. This strategic approach has made Qioptiq the preferred choice for a wide variety of prime contractors and military establishments around the world.

From boots on the ground to eyes in the sky Qioptiq capabilities are enabling mission critical systems and platforms in some of the harshest environments on the planet. 

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