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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: UAV World Premier VIPER VTOL UCAV

Spanish everis is presenting different UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) solutions at IDEX. The VIPER VTOL UCAV was shown for the first time ever. It is based on the commercially A-600 manned helicopter from Rotorway Inc., to use an affordable platform. This was transformed to a fully automated aircraft for long range surveillance and combat missions. VIPER offers a seven hours endurance, integrated and different payloads and fully integrated Flight Control System, Datalink, DGPS and antennas. There are two versions: Line-of-Sight (<100 km) and a Beyond-Line-of-Sight (with SatCom). As weapon options the VIPER can use machine guns, HELLFIRE, 70 mm rockets or other missiles. Also pods or EW systems are possible as a payload.

Technical data: 3,000 m service ceiling, max. speed 185 km/h, max. endurance
9 hrs. and 243 kg payload.

 Another interesting UAV is the SORPRESA UCAV. The UAE bought this UCAV in 2014. It is a light (10 kg) UCAV designed for Special Forces. The system is constructed using high strength composite materials, uses four three-phase electric motors and carry a small machine gun. The Quadcopter is so small (diameter 1,600 mm) it can be carried in the back of a normal 4x4. Its payload is an automatic gun loaded with 100 rounds of commercial caliber ammunition and a camera, it is operated by a pilot from the ground in a manual and automatic mode.

Technical data: Payload 4.5 kg, max speed 20 km/h, range 25 m and endurance
20 min.
Andre Forkert

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