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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Hesco Group Introduce Hesco Armor

The Hesco Group, manufacturer of HESCO defensive earth-filled barriers, continue to demonstrate their commitment towards protection and security with the introduction of ultra lightweight, high impact ballistic resistant body armour to its product range.

The Hesco Group remains true to their ethos, striving for innovation and integrity and expanding the extensive global portfolio by bringing to market more innovative solutions for protecting those that protect.

Hesco acquired a controlling interest in the specialist manufacturer of ballistic plate inserts, Reed Composite Solutions (RCS), September 2014 and officially launched Hesco Armor in Las Vegas with the introduction of the elite 800 Series and slow motion videos of the products being tested against ammunition. A comparatively new company, RCS made an impact in the ballistic plate market with their innovative trauma reduction, post impact, body plates. Soon after the acquisition, the ballistic plates became the product of choice for the United States Coast Guard and continue to impress Special Forces and federal law enforcement with their ergonomic design.

Hesco continue to bring enhanced safety and advanced technology to the men and women of the military and local law enforcement agencies. The armor plates have been specially engineered for protective wear in a civilian arena and these lighter and thinner plates are at IDEX, on Stand 05-C11.

The Hesco Group is a global provider of defensive barriers, protective structures and body armour, with manufacturing facilities in the UK and the US, comprised of Hesco Bastion; Hesco Bastion Inc.; and Hesco Armor.

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