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23 February 2015

IDEX 2015: World Premier 407MRH

UAE based company NorthStar Aviation presented their 407MRH Multi-Role, Light Attack Helicopter for the first time ever. NorthStar Aviation has developed a platform based on the Bell 407GX airframe. NorthStar: “Our technical solution meets the need of customers who require a high performance, low-cost and lightweight multi-role helicopter.” The 407MRH should fulfill these mission profiles: Light attack, Close Air Support (CAS), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Light Assault and Passenger Transport. NothStar Aviation optimized the airframe, providing a technical advanced platform that includes: Garmin G1000H System (Dual VHF ATC Radio, Dual GPS, Mode S Transponder, Garmin Synthetic Vision and Radar Altimeter), 4 Station Light weight Weapons Platform with a modular design for rapid configuration (e.g. HELLFIRE missile, GAU-19 MG, ;134 Mini-Gun and HYDRA 70 rockets), FLIR 260HLD EO/IR sensor, Mission Management System (Integrated Moving Map, Video recording, Integrated Tactical Multi-Band radios, Integrated Mode IV IFF Transponder), Integrated Weapons Management System (controls all above mentioned weapons), Microwave Downlink System, TACAN+ System, NVG ompatible interior and exterior lighting and Cockpit Cabin Armor.

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