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25 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Dynamit Nobel Defence showcases new RGW 90 variants, improvements

Renowned manufacturer of shoulder launched munitions (SLM), Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) is introducing a series of variants of its well proven RGW 90 weapon including an area denial munition. Developed as a result of post Cold War requirements, DND's range of 90mm recoilless grenade weapons is designed to deliver a variety of precision effects against different types of targets while limiting the risk of collateral damage. Complementing the larger, 110mm Panzerfaust 3, RGW 90 is meant as a light weapon that does not limit the mobility of the foot soldier unlike some larger munitions that often need to be operated by designated personnel within the infantry squad. Weighing 8.7 kilograms, RGW 90 has a length of 1 meter when being transported. Envisaged as a substitute of large caliber weapons, RGW 90 is described by DND as an independent fire support system. With today's operations increasingly taking place in urban terrain, RGW 90 complements traditional fire support means such as artillery and mortars that tend to be inaccurate due to them being area weapons. Precision guided rounds for such weapons are costly while supporting infantry troops with main battle tanks or infantry fighting vehicles is hazardous as opponents often possess an abundance of RPGs.

While not being the largest manufacturer of SLMs, DND considers itself the technology leader in these munitions. The company's activities range from improving weapon performance to refining the overall weapon system concept through additional optics, training and simulation. Meanwhile, DND has also shown to be capable of integrating its munitions into remote weapon stations and naval platforms. While the initial RGW 90 is a multi purpose weapon that can be used in either HEAT or HESH mode due to its dual mode fuze, the RGW 90 AS is an anti structure munition that is aimed at wall breaching or creating blast effects. The new RGW 90 area denial weapon has three modes (airburst, impact, delay) while smoke and illumination variants are also being introduced, the latter available for both the IR and the visible spectrum. Meanwhile, there is also a practice variant. While RGW 90 normally uses a one use daysight that is disposed off together with the tube and the firing mechanism, a re-usable sight with integrated fire control system can also be attached. Called Dynahawk, this device weighs 2.2 kilograms and has a laser range finder, ballistics computer and internal display with electronic reticle. A MNV-50 clip-on night vision device using tubes of the second or third generation is also available. Dynahawk allows the shooter to engage a target with a high first hit probability at ranges up to 1, 200 meters whereas a RGW 90 with a one use daysight has an effective range up to 500 meters. Complementing the Dynahawk night vision combo , the TherCam 25/75 thermal imager can also be fitted

DND has already achieved considerable export success with RGW 90 including orders from a number of GCC countries. However, DND continues to improve its RGW 90 range and is now looking to reduce the weapon's weight by lowering the weight of its liner and by using some composite components and a lighter launch tube. Still under development, the new tube has shown that it can reduce weight by 500 grams.

Meanwhile, a dual weapon station acommodating a 12.7mm Rheinmetall RMG 50 heavy machinegun and the RGW 90 weapon is being produced while at least one customer is said to be interested in a possible remote controlled extended weapon station with RGW 90. Trials have also been conducted with RGW 90 weapon stations on naval platforms. This was done with support of the German navy.
Pieter Bastiaans

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