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25 February 2015

IDEX 2015: World Premier of the Theissen Training Systems' Hostage Target System

Theissen Training Systems showed for the first time ever the Hostage Traget System. It was developed in conjunction with the Kuwait National Guard, and is representing the next advanced level in shooter preparation.

The target system consists of a combination of two independent infantry target mechanisms that are arranged to simulate hostage true-to-life scenarios.  The front target simulates the hostage while the automatically vertical and adjustable back target represents the hostage-taker.  The new target system has a dual purpose; serving as a hostage for rescue while simultaneously providing true target identification and shooter accuracy training to neutralize the threat. The target lifter mechanism, which lifts and lowers the hostage taker silhouette, is mounted on an automatic horizontal adjustable slider and is designed to change the distance to the hostage silhouette. This core-feature enables the end user to train his soldiers from a beginner level, with both silhouettes far away from each other, to a professional level, where the hostage taker is nearly invisible (hidden behind the hostage silhouette). Both target mechanisms are equipped with contact hit sensors to provide immediate feedback of the shooting skills by lowering either one, or both, of the silhouettes after a hit. Furthermore, the contact hit sensors distinguish which silhouette was hit and gives immediate feedback if the shooter hit the hostage and /or the hostage taker silhouette, thus providing skill development in the conduct of “Shoot/Don’t Shoot” training.

For further improvement of training sessions by producing meaningful shooting results, the professional sniper target can be equipped with a TTS Location of Miss and Hit (LOMAH) system. A sensor bar at the target end of the range detects the passage of supersonic projectiles through a professional sniper target and provides “X/Y” coordinate feedback to a display screen at the shooter’s firing point and/or a range control computer. This information displays a graphic interpretation of the Location of the Miss and Hit.

The Hostage Target System is available in a portable, battery powered (12 VDC, others on request, option: solar panel), rechargeable, and radio controlled version, equipped with a frame that accommodates all main components needed to be operated. No site preparation is necessary or required to emplace the system provided that the mechanism is protected from direct fire and ricochets. Hardwired and landline controlled configuration are also available.

It offers two modes: POP-UP (TARGET 1) & SHEARING (TARGET 2), time to expose and retreat is 0.8 sec. each, the hit counter has a frequency of up to 1,200 ROUNDS /min. and support single and burst firing modes. It is IP67 certified.
Andre Forkert

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