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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: DREHTAINER – Sophisticated Container Solutions for the Defence Sector

DREHTAINER, as a designer and manufacturer of protected and soft-skinned special containers, is not only a reliable partner for the Bundeswehr, but also for other militaries throughout the world. Since 1999, more than 6,000 mainly protected modular camp containers have been delivered to support the operations of the German, Australian, Canadian, and Dutch forces, and the Swiss Army. Protected DREHTAINER solutions are fundamental components in the protection of camps and employed, inter alia, as accommodations, command posts, MP stations, FOBs, watch towers, or modular medical facilities. Their modular system design allows the containers to be docked to each other to set up small to very large-sized buildings.

A highlight among DREHTAINER’s medical containers is the protected casualty transport container (GVTC). This container enables the transport of sick or wounded people while they are receiving medical care. For anti-mine protection this container is equipped with DREHTAINERS patented ZERO SHOCK system, which reduces shock and blast effects to the interior almost to zero by not only damping but complete decoupling the floor from the outer shell. (Photos: DREHTAINER)
Besides watchtowers, storage containers, buildings with one or two storeys, containerised road blockers, and other camp products, DREHTAINER also supplies container solutions for special applications. In addition to protection and mobility, also increasingly complex technical systems play an important role. It is no longer only the simple radio sets but large-scale command and control systems that are integrated into containers. Examples of such special solutions include different EW containers, the C-RAM MANTIS ground and fire control unit and diverse laser containers.

DREHTAINER’s internally developed docking system allows to interconnect several vehicle-mounted containers. The platform-independent docking frame only requires a vehicle capable of carrying 20ft-containers. In a minimum of time, several containers are docked to each other in order to establish e.g. medical facilities, differently sized command posts or ground control stations.
At this year’s IDEX in Abu Dhabi, all those military camp products, special containers and tailor-made solutions are presented and explained at the DREHTAINER exhibition stand D38 in hall 08. Moreover the company is represented at the stand of IGG (hall 04, stand C20).

DREHTAINER’s containers can be docked to each other, adding additional protection.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #2/2015, available at the show and on booth #C1 10-11. 

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