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22 February 2015

IDEX 2015: Rohde & Schwarz Presents Secure Communications and Intelligence Solutions

Rohde & Schwarz (09-B15)  showcases its integrated communications and intelligence systems for all branches of the Armed Forces at IDEX. The German electronics group is expanding its portfolio with a new solution for the detection, acquisition and analysis of radar signals. Plus, a new mobile application based on the R&S SDTR software defined tactical radio was designed especially for small units relying on realtime information from their command and control information system.
The highlight from Rohde & Schwarz will be the presentation of its innovative system for detecting, acquiring and analyzing radar signals. The system was developed with a focus on handling difficult signal scenarios such as those with weak or LPI signals. The solution is geared toward ease of operation and comprehensive functionality, and its hardware and software are tuned accordingly. A newly designed antenna system enables setups integrating acquisition, direction finding and communications antennas. The result is a compact, space saving solution that meets the requirements of modern signal scenarios where overlaps between communications and radar intelligence applications are becoming increasingly common.

Rohde & Schwarz integrated antenna systems (IAS) combine antennas for communications, navigation, intelligence and warning systems.

The R&S DDF5GTS multichannel direction finder has also been optimised for the challenging requirements encountered on maritime and airborne platforms. Its high resolution 3D calibration with vector matching enables fast and comprehensive radio spectrum monitoring and direction finding. The high-speed scanning direction finder enhances the company’s tried and tested portfolio of networked DF and radiolocation systems. Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring and intelligence systems are deployed worldwide in mobile and stationary units on land as well as on maritime and airborne platforms. They include individually adaptable solutions for signal detection, direction finding, location and signal processing. The company's integrated naval communications and intelligence systems have proven their value in international missions on a broad array of platforms.
Secure radiocommunications with operational flexibility.

Rohde & Schwarz is also expanding its tactical portfolio by adding the modular R&S C²UBE command and control (C2) system. It is based on the R&S SDTR software defined tactical radio and enables high data rate, jam-resistant and network enabled radiocommunications for realtime mobile presentation of the operational picture. Network centric operations, for example, can be independently ensured via tactical radiocommunications during crisis situations in minimal time.
Optimized with respect to shock resistance, size and weight, the R&S SDTR software defined tactical radio is ideal for use in military vehicles and semi mobile applications. An external control unit allows user friendly configuration and operation, providing users with the best possible support as they carry out their missions. Together with the new R&S HDR waveform family, the R&S SDTR is fully IP capable and can be seamlessly integrated into existing networks. The R&S SDTR is an open platform based on the software communications architecture (SCA) standard. Both standardized and proprietary waveforms can be ported to the radio. This enables interoperability with allied forces as required during missions. The new capability of R&S SDTR radios to form mobile ad hoc networks (MANET – self configuring network of wirelessly connected devices) enhances operational flexibility. All devices in a MANET move independently and maintain their radio links via other devices in the network, i.e. every device also acts as a router.

The modular R&S C²UBE command and control (C2) system is based on the R&S SDTR. 

Robust encryption products meeting the highest security standards 

Rohde & Schwarz SIT delivers high performance, flexible and robust encryption products and solutions to military, government and corporate customers. The R&S MMC3000 is a ruggedized tactical crypto device for voice and data communications that meets the most exacting security standards. It is interoperable with many established, internationally deployed HF/VHF/UHF radios as well as SatCom and microwave devices. The TEMPEST proof R&S MMC3000 is perfect for use on stationary and mobile vehicular, maritime and airborne platforms. The R&S SITLine ETH data encryptor product line offers realtime, overhead-minimized encryption for IT networks via optical and electrical Ethernet, microwave and satellite links. From compact, portable versions to the data center optimized 19" model featuring 40 Gbit/s encryption throughput, the Rohde & Schwarz portfolio covers all types of fixed and portable networks.

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