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20 February 2015

Aero India 2015: IAI Touts Its New GLOBAL 5000 MPA

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is showcasing its latest MPA offering based on the proven Bombardier GLOBAL 5000 platform during Aero India 2015. Speaking to MT at the Indian air force's Yelahanka air base, IAI ELTA's deputy general manager for marketing, business development and sales, Avishai Izhakian, explained how the latest product builds on IAI's experience in developing and producing special mission aircraft (SMA) which started in the mid 1980s. Since, IAI has moved from larger platforms such as the Boeing 707 to high end executive jet class aircraft, this due them providing a better combo of affordability and capabilities. IAI's considerable expertise in producing ISR mission systems and integrating them into SMA mitigates the level of technical risk that often haunts such advanced technological programmes.

Izhakian explained that besides being a sizeable aircraft the GLOBAL 5000 MPA was chosen because of its low life cycle costs. This is in line with IAI's philosophy that critical capabilities, the use of which was hitherto limited to some major powers, should also be available for countries with smaller defence budgets. IAI's latest MPA proposal has already attracted a lot of interest around the globe according to Izhakian who went on to say the aircraft's elaborate ELI-3360 maritime mission systems suite offers a wide range of high end sensors. This includes the well proven ELM-2022 multi-mission radar with surveillance, imaging and tracking capability which is integrated with AIS and IFF. In addition, the suite has the ELL-8382 ESM/ELINT and CSM/COMINT system which has a very high angular accuracy. A single AMOSP 3000HD multi-sensor EO/IR pod is complemented by the ELL-2160V1 EWSP with chaff, flares and RF jamming capability. Typically, IAI ELTA's GLOBAL 5000 MPA would be fitted with five or six operator work stations that are part of the ELS-8100 multi-mission Tactical Management System fitted in a spacious cabin. Highly automated, TMS provides advanced decision support aids while the overall suite has an open architecture, hereby enabling a quick and easy integration of new sensors to extend the aircraft's operational service life.
Characterised by quick reaction time and fast deployment, the jet aircraft can handle EEZ enforcement and long range maritime security missions that would be part of a wider counter piracy approach. Not only suited for maintaining good order at sea, the new MPA also deals with more traditional sea control and sea denial missions including ASW and ASuW, hence an acoustics sensor suite, weapons and stores management system and a sonobuoys launcher and dispenser system.

Regarding sonobuoys, IAI ELTA has selected two potential suppliers, one in the US and one in Europe. Due to the GLOBAL 5000 being a high speed platform, a special pneumatic release for the sonobuoys has been integrated, Izhakian revealed. Information originating from the MPA's comprehensive mission systems suite are distributed to C2 nodes through the use of datalinks. With its long range and long endurance capabilities, Bombardier's GLOBAL 5000 platform enables long loitering time while IAI also touts the aircraft's fast climb performance.
Pieter Bastiaans

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