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02 September 2015

MSPO 2015: RENK France Reveals New Powerpack 350S

During  MSPO 2015 on its booth (E-47) , RENK France, a French leader in automatic transmission for tracked armored fighting vehicles, unveiled its brand new Powerpack 350S for main battle tanks (MBT).

Dedicated to new production or modernisation programs, the Powerpack 350S is one of the most advanced solutions for the T-72, T-90, M-84 and PT-91 MBT’s and fits into the existing chassis with only minor modifications.

The Powerpack 350S is composed of:

  • The ultimate version of the fully automatic powershift transmission ESM350, well proven on the MBT PT-91M, of the Malaysian Army.
  • A high performance cooling system designed for hot climatic conditions.
  • The modern diesel engine DI16 from Scania (Sweden) with a maximum power of 1200hp.

The Powerpack 350S takes advantage of the long experience of RENK in the field of transmissions and of SCANIA in the field of diesel engines. The Powerpack 350S optimises the commitment of T-72, T-90, M-84, and PT-91 MBT’s in all theaters of operations, by enhancing the mobility, the survivability and the sustainability of the fleet. The Powerpack 350S provides the MBT’s with an excellent mobility in difficult terrain, a better agility in urban environment, a reduced fuel consumption and a simplified maintenance and logistics, whatever the climate conditions. The high reliability of the Powerpack 350S components, easily deliverable through our worldwide service network, combined to an adapted maintenance concept – including quick powerpack replacement on the battlefield - guarantee a high fleet availability.

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