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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Full Spectrum Logistics Support Concept from WEW

WEW is showcasing its Full Spectrum Logistics Support concepts, whereby it offers turn-key packages of equipment and support for specific deployed fuel and water challenges on stand S4-350.

WEW’s rapid delivery “Drop&Go” fuel systems leverage the interoperability of STANAG 2413 hooklift-equipped logistics vehicles such as the Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles( RMMV) support vehicle demonstrating its ability to keep up with advancing troops.

The Full Spectrum Logistics Support proposal encompasses both Contractor Logistic Support, or CLS, whereby the company ensures that its customer’s equipment is kept both up to specification and serviceable.  The alternative is Contracting for Availability, or CFA, where WEW owns the equipment but supplies it to the customer for deployment on operations or training on a call down basis as and when necessary.

Refueling man and machine is also a focus for the company’s presence, in particular its ability to provide refueling solutions for land vehicles, aircraft and the provision of potable, clean water for troops.

All WEW systems are purpose-designed for “Plug and Play” simplicity, most are easily transportable through any civilian or military logistics chain and many systems are air-portable.  WEW’s solutions provide a “Drop & Go” fuel and water capability for any deployment. This way, forces deployed on expeditionary operations can be assured of extremely rapid deployment and redeployment, even in the most forward and hostile operating areas.

Core to many of the products is the use of the DROPS or PLS (Pallet Loading Systems) hookarm load handling systems, which provide considerable flexibility to military logistics vehicles across the world.  The hookarm makes WEW’s fuel and water systems easily deployable and fully interoperable with other suitably-equipped NATO load-carriers through the common adoption of the STANAG 2413 convention for ISO container and flatrack handling.

WEW’s range of systems stretch from small 2,000l units able to be carried on a Light Protected Patrol Vehicle through 10-13,000l  DROPS systems in service with 13 nations, as well as base storage and dispensing units of over 60,000l, which are currently being delivered to clients in the Middle East.  The fuel systems can be fitted with a variety of pumping and filtration systems depending on usage.  The water systems can have chlorination, reverse osmosis, filtration, heating/cooling and pumps, in both cases making the units truly stand-alone systems.

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