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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: SAES Goes Global

For the purpose of Acoustic Intelligence (ACINT), fundamental to support Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) missions, Sociedad Anónomia de Electrónica Submarina (SAES) from Spain developed the ARAS/FTAS fast time analyser system. It provides post-mission acoustic signal analysis and intelligence-gathering by means of replaying and processing simultaneously the acoustic signals recorded during operation, Adolfo Hernandez Solano, Chief Operating Officer Sales & Marketing, said to MT. Its design is based on a COTS generic architecture, allowing for expansion with minimal changes. Analysis of the acoustic data that were recorded during an ASW mission is to confirm recorded contacts and retrieve non-detected contacts, either in real, fast or slow time speed. Tactical information is then displayed over a geographic plot, allowing the use of localisation tools such as Automatic Cross Fixing.

FTAS as one of the most powerful ASW tools today is installed on-board submarines, surface combatants, ASW aircraft, and helicopters. For processing special-purpose sonobuoys, analogue active/passive sonobuoys, and new digital sonobuoys, SAES offers its Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic System (SPAS). It provides the tactical mission system and the acoustic sensor operators with the means to detect, classify, localise, and track submarine and surface ships based on analysis of acoustic signals acquired by deployed passive and active sonobuoys.
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