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16 September 2015

RUAG wins first order from Irish Navy

RUAG Defence has received its first order for the delivery of protection systems to the Irish Navy. RUAG is delivering eight SidePRO-KE kits by September 2015. SidePRO-KE will serve to protect personnel manning the machine gun stations. The package includes training, installation and maintenance.

Each ship has four exposed machine gun stations that are manned by a single gunner. Should the ship come under fire, the gunners would be extremely vulnerable. SidePRO-KE provides excellent protection for the machine gun station and its gunner. SidePRO-KE/IED is a polyvalent passive protection system affording protection against AP projectiles, IEDs, artillery fragments and EFPs.
Ease of use and rapid installation of these protection modules have given RUAG a decisive edge over the competition. The SidePRO-KE system is polyvalent and can be deployed on all types of vessels.
This is the first time that RUAG Defence has landed an order from the Navy. Its protection systems business is thus breaking breaking new ground. Irish Navy personnel will be trained by RUAG so that they can also repair or replace modules that have sustained damage.

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