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18 September 2015

Esterline CODIS Displays Feature on UK AJAX Vehicle at DSEI 2015

Esterline, a company with a large aviation footprint and a growing one in the defence domain, showcased its CODIS range of ruggedised displays at DSEI in London this week. The CODIS range centres on the displays and technologies acquired from Belgium-based Barco earlier this year – the name deriving from BarCO DISplays. Under the acquisition agreement, use of the Barco tradename ceased after a six month transition period, and Esterline will market and develop the range further under the CODIS brand.

Robbert Crucq, Esterline’s Sales Director Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, explained to MT that the feedback from existing and potential customers has been good and that the client base understands the rationale for the acquisition by Esterline and the incorporation of the former Barco products and technologies with the growing range of complementary products within the Esterline Control and Communications Systems portfolio. “We are at the early stages of merging the teams and expanding the knowledge network: the full benefits will emerge over time but we are already getting very positive indications from customers in many of our global markets,” he said.

As an example of the applications Esterline is pursuing with the CODIS range of visualisation systems, the company announced during the show the award of a contract from General Dynamics UK for supply of displays for the British Army’s Scout SV vehicle programme, now called AJAX.

Valued at $21 million over seven years, the contract calls for supply of the CODIS TX-3355 turret crew station display (mission, gun-control and logistics information for commanders and gunners), CODIS TX-321S three screen driver displays (offering a near seamless 120° image of the vehicle’s route, front and rear, day and night) and the VPU-101 video-processing unit, that processes and reformats data from multiple vehicle-mounted sensors and distributes it to the displays.

Manufacturing of the displays and VPUs will take place at Esterline’s facilities in Kortrijk, Belgium and deliveries will commence in 2016 for a seven year contract period.
Tim Mahon

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