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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Millog Exhibits HUSKY Night Vision Devices

At DSEI, Millog exhibits its HUSKY night vision devices, such as the new VVLITE image
intensifiers (I2) with 40°, 50° and 60° Field of View (FOV), night sights, vehicles’ thermal imager systems, and the Millog LISA target acquisition system.

Millog LISA and VVLITE. (Photo: Millog)

Millog has launched three new VVLITE I2, designed for a wide range of night operations. All models increase soldiers´ situational awareness of environment and allow for rapid and safer movement during military operations. In addition, versions of all three models are also available without their own power source – these use a centralised power source. The audience gets a chance to test them in a night environment room on Patria´s stand N6-160, specially built for experiencing the features of the devices.

The Millog LISA hand-held target acquisition and observation system is a versatile monocular thermal imager with capability for range measurement and target acquisition. LISA’s main features are an uncooled thermal imager, direct-view day channel, eye safe LRF, digital magnetic compass, GPS, wireless connection, C4I connectivity, image capture with target information and CCD camera. Being lightweight, accurate, and user-friendly, LISA is designed for use by forward observation squads, infantry, and special units. (Photo: Millog)

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