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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: J&S Franklin Demonstrates DefenCell Total Protection Capabilit

On Stand N9-484, J&S Franklin is demonstrating DefenCell, a range of personal and infrastructure protection equipment for use in military, security and environmental applications, including an exciting, previously un-seen new product developed jointly between J&S Franklin and Reid Steel - a security gate mounted in a DEFENCELL MAC Gabion.

DefenCell is a modular protection and construction system with applications for the Engineer through to the Infantryman, from barrier walls to sangars, from collective protection to individuals, from the battlefield to the high street. Its proven cellular structure provides strength and makes it more flexible for the design and construction of protection systems. The strong non-woven geotextile fabric retains the fill materials and is durable and UV resistant, lightweight and free draining.

On display are:

  • DEFENCELL MAC is a range of protective welded mesh metal gabions, lined with geotextile and supplied in several standard sizes that can be filled with locally available materials such as earth, or sand to provide ballistic protection, blast mitigation and HVM vehicle barriers. MAC can also be used for environmental applications and is ideal for flood protection. DEFENCELL MAC gabions are supplied pre-assembled and folded for shipping and are easy to deploy by pulling open, positioning and filling.
  • DefenCell Profile 300: This geotextile, cellular, containment system which, when filled with locally sourced or selected fill materials, can be used to create a wide variety of unobtrusive specific barrier shaped and sized structures. It is the only geotextile PAS 68 tested vehicle barrier and a perfect solution for offering inconspicuous protection to public buildings, perimeter security and HVM protection particularly in environmentally and visually sensitive locations as it can be grassed or planted, enabling it to blend quickly into the surroundings whilst providing proven substantial protection from terrorist attack or environmental threats. 
  • DefenCell RANGER: This is the smallest and lightest of the DefenCell product range, with the same strong cellular material and construction as the proven DefenCell Lite. The RANGER weighs just 1.4kg, but once filled in just a few minutes is the equivalent of over 40 sandbags (7kg+) and will protect against 0.50cal and mortar ammunition. The unique open honeycomb structure allows the RANGERto be easily emptied and the units are re-usable and durable.
  • DefenCell LITE: This versions of DefenCell Force Protection Systems offers lightweight infantry protection through individual tactical emplacement, being easily stored and moved, and have a low pack volume. An unfilled LITE unit fits in the same space as a full sandbag, and when filled that same unit will make a wall section 3.2m long, 0.6m high and 0.6, wide, the equivalent of 90 sandbags. The 0.60m thickness of the LITE provides ballistic protection against weapons up to .50cal and 14.5mm
  • DefenCell UXO Disposal: DefenCell offers a simple modular explosive containment system for Unexploded Ordnance. The completely non-metallic design ensures no secondary shrapnel, whilst the cellular construction dissipates energy and absorbs blast and debris effectively. The structures are quick and easy to install, simple to remove, easily transportable and environmentally neutral. Their modular construction allows design scalable to size of the ordnance.
  • DefenCell Flood Protection: Tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and proven in action DefenCell is an effective and easily installed Flood Protection Barrier.  A simple 0.5m to 1m high wall will be sufficient to stop all but the most extreme flooding. Testing has shown DefenCell to be many times faster to install than sandbags, and much easier to remove when the threat has passed. 
  • Securiscape Planters and Street Furniture: For use in Homeland Security applications this range of PAS 68 tested planters and street furniture has been installed at critical infrastructure sites in London and the UK as well as on the Olympic site. The system has an engineered steel interior that will stop a truck and can be covered with decorative and practical finishes in steel, timber, stone or even bronze. Installation is quick and easy being surface mounted with only 150mm ground fixings. Planting with anything from flowers to trees, the integral watering system needs minimal maintenance. DefenCell products have been extensively tested and proven to protect against, vehicle attack, ballistic threats, and blast mitigation. They are protecting several critical infrastructure sites in the UK, and are in operational deployment in Afghanistan, Chad and several US Bases.

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