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18 September 2015

DSEI 2015: World Premiere for Nammo’s new 40mm x53 High Velocity Airburst Ammunition

Nammo is celebrating its latest success in its urban combat solutions offering, following the demonstration of  its new 40mm x53 HEDP-RF Airburst ammunition.
The demonstration took place during the Aimpoint Live Fire Days at Ravlunda Range in Sweden in front of representatives from special operations forces from 20 countries.

The new MPU set to target distance 200 m on a Mk19 AGL system and ready for action with 40mm x53 Airburst Ammunition C171 PPHE or the new 40mm x53 HEDP-RF Airburst Ammunition. 

During the demonstration a new Manual Programming Unit (MPU) was also used for the first time. Available to 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher (AGL) operators worldwide, the MPU enables a quicker response and increased lethality.

Reaction to the display was overwhelmingly positive. The onlookers commented that they were impressed with the display, as well as the performance of the new fully integrated products.

Nammo is in the lead to provide new solutions for AGL systems, with its products in this area offering almost 50 percent greater functionality than the nearest competitor.

Nammo 40mm ammunition family 

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