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15 September 2015

DSEi 2015: Saab Presents Innovation

Saab presents, for the first time in the UK, the newly-developed next generation CARL-GUSTAF M4 at DSEI 2015. The new light-weight CARL GUSTAF M4, weighing less than 7 g, offers significant weight savings to the soldier. It is also compatible with future battlefield technology such as intelligent sighting systems for programmable ammunition. “We are proud to present our new CARL-GUSTAF M4 at DSEI for the very first time,” Görgen Johansson, Head of Saab Business Area Dynamics said. “We have developed the weapon system as a response to our customers’ needs of tomorrow and we are very pleased to show the new version of the system to the audience in London.”

The latest AT4 versions were launched into production by a December 2014 order from the DGA, to serve as the ROQUETTE NG next-generation shoulder-launched weapon system for the French Armed Forces. (All Photos: Saab)
Important new capabilities developed by Saab for its AT4 weapons system are also exhibited; like the enhanced variants that deliver extended range performance and improved high explosive effects.
Earlier this year, Saab and Boeing proved that their newest collaboration Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB) had a very successful demonstration. For the first time, the GLSDB will be showcased to the audience at DSEI 2015. The GLSDB is a long range precision incendiary solution that widens the capabilities of Armed Forces. Highly effective and accurate over long ranges, the GLSDB is designed to meet the evolving needs of today´s and tomorrow´s Armed Forces. The companies recently tested the GLSDB, integrating the SDB I and M26 rocket motor technologies for the Multiple Launch Rocket System. The testing showed that the bomb can withstand a rocket artillery launch without its performance being compromised. The rocket motor in the test was provided by Nammo. “Saab is proud to expand our successful cooperation with Boeing into yet another technology area – precision weapons systems. Together, we now can offer a new and game-changing capability for the US as well as the global market,” said Johansson.

Under a teaming agreement signed last year, Boeing and Saab will offer GLSDB to current and future rocket artillery users. 

In addition to the news above Saab Barracuda will showcase MCS and Soft Armour as well as introducing new concepts for Urban Warfare. Saab will also display the RBS15 Mk3, which has had a lot of positive attention during the spring, the RBS70 NG, and unmanned underwater vehicles.

Saab Barracuda Desert Ulcas HG 5

Saab RBS 70

Saab Barracuda Sotacs HG 4

Saab Barracuda Desert MCS HG 1
For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #09/2015, available at the show on booth #S2 165; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR. 

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