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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Millbrook Showcases Extensive Capabilities

Millbrook, one of the world’s leading independent military vehicle test and validation facilities, testing military capability and reliability, showcases its extensive capabilities on stand N9-465.

Military vehicle put through its paces on the alpine route. (All photos via Milbrook)

Millbrook has a 15-year relationship with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD). As the home of the Battlefield Mission - the UK MoD’s wheeled vehicle approval reference - Millbrook has worked in partnership with the defence industry to develop a set of rigorous test parameters that push any vehicle to its in-service requirements and beyond. Operating with MOD accreditation for security 24/7, Millbrook, according to the company, guarantees the highest levels of confidentiality. Customers include some of the world’s leading defence vehicle specialists, who, according to the company, value the site’s extremely wide range of secure testing environments.

"The challenge of engineering class-leading military vehicles has never been greater than it is today," Julian Brian, Head of Military Test and Development at Millbrook explained. "Defence forces require vehicles to be capable in an increasing range of roles across multiple hostile theatres of operation – from peacekeeping assignments and conventional force projection to asymmetric warfare and counter insurgency defence. The next generation of military vehicles must therefore reach ever-higher standards of robustness and mission flexibility, crew protection, fuel economy, in-service maintainability and agility, while also delivering value for money."

Millbrook has developed a suite of vehicle and powertrain durability test schedules over more than 45 years’ of test operations, covering a broad range of vehicle types and uses. As defence industry professionals, Millbrook engineers can provide the highest levels of independent, objective expert advice, supporting military personnel in all areas of defence vehicle engineering and helping to deliver vehicles that meet or exceed expectation in front-line service.

Millbrook’s proving ground
Millbrook furthermore showcases its discreetly modified vehicle. With Millbrook’s Armoured Vauxhall Insignia on full 360 degree display, visitors have the unique opportunity to ‘see inside’ a fully engineered conversion of this production vehicle. Features including discrete or covert communication and other specialist electronic equipment, which deliver an integrated C4ISTAR system, are demonstrated at the stand.

Millbrook’s Armoured Vauxhall Insignia

"As experts in the modification of production vehicles for government organisations and security agencies, Millbrook draws on its extensive automotive capabilities, laboratories and ‘real world’ tracks to fully engineer conversions to OEM standards," Kirsty Andrew, Millbrook’s recently appointed General Manager of Special Vehicles explained.

Millbrook provides vehicle test, validation and engineering services to customers in the automotive, transport, petrochemical, defence and security industries. It is independent and impartial in everything it does. At its proving ground in the UK, Millbrook has 70km of varied test tracks, including hill routes, high speed areas and challenging off road courses. Its professional drivers and engineers perform repeatable tests on all types of vehicles in a secure and safe environment. It has a range of test facilities for components and full vehicles. These include engine dynamometers, environmental chambers, crash laboratory and advanced emissions chassis dynamometers. Millbrook engineers specialist vehicle conversions. These range from new versions of existing platforms, such as estate cars, to armoured solutions and complex electronics installations. It conducts impartial vehicle assessments and develops class-leading vehicle dynamics improvements. Millbrook helps Vehicle Manufacturers manage complex bills of materials and launch new models. Millbrook Technology Park is home to technology companies, who benefit from access to Millbrook’s testing facilities and expertise, forming an integral part of the UK’s vehicle technology cluster. Millbrook’s employees are passionate about customer service and technical excellence; They take pride in delivering exactly what their customers want, whether that is a vehicle test, engineered solution or smooth-running conference. Millbrook develops its people so that they remain at the leading edge of their specialist fields and contribute to the development of future regulations. The quality of Millbrook’s work is reflected in its ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 accreditations. All of this combines to make Millbrook an integral part of the industries it serves and an ideal partner at any stage in the development and launch of the vehicles of tomorrow.

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