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15 September 2015

Higher penetration power on hard targets such as body- and light vehicle armour: two new RUAG SWISS P cartridges

To be prepared for every scenario, snipers require rounds with high penetration power on hard targets such as ballistic glass, engine blocks, body- and light vehicle armour. RUAG Ammotec enhances with two new products the tactical advantage of military units in anti-material missions.

The new, very accurate cartridge “.50 Browning Armour Piercing Incendiary SX (API)” is made to hit, mark and penetrate a target. The hardened steel core resists deformation even when striking armour. It provides maximum penetration power: 13 mm steel (HB350) at 900 m and 22 mm steel (HB370) at 500 m distance. When the titanium tip strikes the target, the energy transfer converts it into brightly glowing sparks, it provides incendiary marking. There are no incendiary chemicals; it is not subject to the restrictive packaging, handling and transportation. The API round enhances the visibility of the impact so the sniper or spotter can better detect the impact and make quick follow- up corrections. Moreover, API can serve to mark the target and thus enable troops to see the enemy target. RUAG offers other products in this powerful calibre, which could be available linked: “.50 Browning Training SX”, “.50 Browning HC SX”.

A lot of international Armed Forces already rely on the “.338 LM SWISS P Armour Piercing” round. Now RUAG developed a new bullet construction with new materials to enhance the penetration power with unchanged, exceptional accuracy. The new bullet penetrates a 13 mm steel plate (HB400) at 600 m or body armour (level IV) at 500 m! Because the core stays intact during penetration, it transfers extremely effective residual energy to hard targets. The bullet jacket protects the barrel and is stripped off upon impact. The “.338 LM SWISS P Armour Piercing” provides the same point of aim and point of impact like “.338 LM SWISS P Ball” over the operative range of 300 m. No scope adjustment is required if the combat situation demands a quick change of cartridge. With coordinated ballistics, the shooter can simply focus on the shot.

Both products are developed for those, who need to be mission ready within seconds. The cartridges are sealed and waterproof, the propellant powder is temperature stable and according to REACH regulation.

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