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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Rheinmetall Widens its EO/IR Portfolio

Rheinmetall’s tried-and-tested laser light modules, including the state-of-the-art VARIO-RAY (LLM-VR) and the LLM-01, are used by many Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Mounted on small arms, these devices enable operators to detect, identify and mark targets. Some of the group’s latest products in this domain are on show on stand S7-110.

During the next few years the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) will continue procuring Rheinmetall’s VARIO-RAY laser light module for its infantry forces. VARIO-RAY, officially dubbed the Laser-Light Module Mark 3 (LLM Mk3) by Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, forms part of a comprehensive programme to modernise the British infantry. The framework contract awarded in 2013, with a total value of £28 million (approximately €33 million), encompasses the supply of tens of thousands of these innovative devices. (Photo. Rheinmetall)

With the TAC-Ray Rheinmetall is entering new product territory. Featuring an integrated laser rangefinder and laser module effectors, it is equally suitable for target acquisition. The product was especially designed to help snipers and designated marksmen hit their targets even more accurately, while also enabling section leaders and their assistants to direct their soldiers’ fire more precisely. This high-performance laser module features a red or green laser target marker and an infrared (IR) target marker as well as an electronically focusable IR illuminator in combination with a laser rangefinder. Everything is contained in a surprisingly compact, lightweight housing. The device can be mounted on a Picatinny rail on small arms or used in handheld mode. An additional shortwave IR(SWIR) target marker is available as an option. Moreover, an external white light torch (flashlight) can also be attached to the system.

Weighing less than 244 grams, the VARIO-RAY can be attached to small arms of all types with a Mil-Std 1913 rail, and remotely operated using a trigger cable. It features a powerful white light lamp, a red or green laser target marker, an infrared laser target marker and an electronically focusable IRilluminator. The light source is selected via a rotary switch. All of the light sources are infinitely variable, while the lasers can all be adjusted via block calibration.

In addition to the standard effectors, the laser light module VARIO-RAY can be optionally equipped with an integrated shortwave infrared (SWIR) target marker. It is not detectable with standard night vision goggles. Despite the widespread availability of low-light amplification technology today, the SWIR target marker provides users with a definite technological and tactical edge.

The compact variant of the VARIO-RAY is equipped with all the same effectors as the standard series version. It has also been optimised with regard to size and weight. Light to begin with, it now weighs ten grams less. An integrated SWIR target marker or green target marker are available as options here as well.

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