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16 September 2015

DSEi 2015: Reliable off grid power for remote and mounted communication equipment

Soldiers have to operate power-hungry communication equipment they either carry along on a mission or unmanned equipment deployed in the field. For uninterrupted performance and operability this equipment depends upon reliable power. Conventional solutions are limited: Batteries alone cannot meet the requirements in multi-day scenarios, requiring heavy spare batteries. Generators need maintenance and produce detectable signatures. Solar modules are weather dependent and easy to detect. SFC power supplies with fuel cells are a silent, lightweight, non-detectable alternative.
Fuel cells recharge batteries fully automatically. Thanks to the high energy density of their fuel (30x higher than lead acid batteries and 7 times higher than Li-ion batteries) they deliver much power at minimum weight Intelligent power management enables hybrid operation with other energy sources

Portable power
Fuel cells enable 80% weight savings in fielded scenarios. The SFC energy network consisting of JENNY fuel cell and SFC Power Manager is a man portable system. It supplies 24/7 reliable power without emissions or detectable signature. Operation in combination with the SFC Power Manager enables use of different power sources and charging batteries.

Vehicle-based and stationary power
In the vehicle engine starts for battery recharging cause cover loss, emissions, fuel consumption, and component wear. Fielded equipment faces similar problems: Heavy replacement batteries are needed at regular intervals. EMILY fuel cell provides reliable power over many days without any user attention.

Covert power
For covert applications the EFOY Pro fuel cell is easily installed into cabinets or enclosures, suitable for undercover surveillance. Once installed, it produces fully automatic off-grid power, 24/7, in any weather and season. Choosing the appropriate fuel cartridge size can lengthen autonomy of any system. In operation the fuel cell is silent, environmentally friendly and produces no signatures.

SFC Energy fuel cells
Numerous international police, defense, and intelligence organizations use SFC Energy fuel cells. SFC Energy has been cooperating with defense organizations for over 10 years. It is the world’s first company with a fuel cell fully approved for use by German Bundeswehr. The U.S. ARMY Test and Evaluation Command uses SFC fuel cells on their test ranges to power instrumentation. SFC Energy has sold over 33,000 fuel cell systems in defense and security, off-grid industry and consumer applications worldwide.

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