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18 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Uvision update

Capable of carrying out pinpoint strikes in urban areas or remote locations, Uvision's HERO family of smart loitering munitions now includes six variants, the smallest member being the HERO 30 while the high end HERO 900 tops of the range. However, speaking to MT at DSEI, Yair Dubester, president and CEO of Uvision, said his company is now working on a seventh, larger variant which will be called the HERO 1250. With an estimated weight of 125kg, the new version will have a larger warhead than the one now carried on the HERO 900, the weight of which is given as 20kg. Dubester hinted that the development of the HERO 1250 is to make the company compete at better terms with IAI and its Harop. Dubester boldly stated that he is convinced he can deliver a broadly similar capability to that being offered by IAI at one fourth the price of a HAROP. Speaking about the HERO 120, Dubester said that Uvision is close to conducting the first flight test with the weapon which will make it the first in line of four new systems that also include the HERO 70, 250 and 900 to be made available for potential customers. Meanwhile, Uvision's earlier HERO 30 and 400 have already attracted a number of orders.

Showing both a UGV and USV based concept solution with respectively the HERO 30 and 120 at DSEI, Uvision is now talking to various companies in and outside Israel that make these vehicles, Dubester said. He also revealed that during the upcoming AUSA exhibition, Uvision will show a demonstrator vehicle together with G-NIUS unmanned ground systems.

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