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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Peli-Hardigg Presents Compact Mobility and Rugged Protection

At Stand N6-190 at DSEI 2015, Peli-Hardigg presents solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the military sector, with a large selection of durable, permanent and ecological cases, that can be reused again, and again.

Studies have shown that a durable, permanent packaging solution in shipment and storage is a cost-effective and ecological alternative to disposable packaging. Single use, expendable packaging such as cardboard or wood crates, require time and labour for assembly and disposal, and increase in-transit risk. Therefore, more organisations are changing from regular cardboards and wood cases that can only be used once, to reusable packaging as Peli Cases, offering equipment and weapons the best possible protection for transport and repeated use.

Peli-Hardigg’s MiniRack offers multiple accessories and options to adapt it to the different needs of customers, enabling sophisticated electronics to be deployed in any environment. (Photo: Peli)

According to the company, cases like Peli’s are a more reliable, cost-effective and ecological solution, and are marking the future of the transport and protection of equipment, tools, devices and machines. Peli-Hardigg cases are rugged, watertight, airtight, chemical-resistant, lightweight, durable, impact resistant and reusable. They are designed to efficiently keep the sensitive and vital equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and impact. Safe inside, the equipment is protected against drop damage, while the rib design maximises stacking and stability en route.

These cases have been tested in the field as well as in combat situations. They are used to protect and transport aircraft pieces and engines, military diving scooters, all types of UAVs, weapons and missiles, satellites, robots, electronic equipment, among others. No matter the size and characteristics, Peli-Hardigg offers a solution to any company’s need of safe transportation and extreme protection.
Pelican-Hardigg furthermore offers the military sector two different lines of cases: A range of Mobile Military standard cases that provide reliable protection in the field, and the Advanced Case Solutions line, which offer bespoke cases designed to meet the client needs and specifications, by delivering large-scale container projects for the most demanding applications.

The Peli-Hardigg Mobile Military Cases line of cases provides soldiers extreme protection to the sensitive electronics, weapons, optics and communication equipment, needed to accomplish the missions. This range of cases includes the Peli-Hardigg Mobile Armory and Mobile IT to shield all kinds of weapons, as well as portable computers and electronics from adverse conditions in the field and even under battle conditions.

In addition, there are the Peli-Hardigg Mobile Medical Cases that include customisable inserts and options to organise and protect lifesaving medical gear. Each case is designed to exact performance standards with the input of military medical professionals. The Peli-Hardigg Mobile MASTER and ISP2 Cases provide transports for 463L pallets, NATO and Euro pallets.

Peli-Hardigg also features its new 19” shock mounted MiniRack Container, a lightweight solution that offers superior compact mobility for rack mountable equipment and designed to meet military standard requirements. The new MiniRack answers the need of making the most of limited space, while providing rugged protection to the equipment. The lightweight, compact design of the MiniRack double ended cases, offer light to medium duty protection and boast industry leading shock performance.

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