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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Safe, Quick, Flexible

Germany’s Autoflug-designed Medical Pallets allow quick conversion of a C-130 HERCULES cargo aircraft into a flying hospital equipped with full medical facilities. The flexible system can be used in combination with intensive care units, stretchers, boxes, seats, and tables. It can be combined with the company’s Seat Pallets to make available adequate seats for the medical staff. If required, the aircraft can be converted from a passenger to a medical or cargo aircraft which can be accomplished in short time, according to Heiko Fröhlich, Vice President Sales & Engineering. A company paper explains that the pallets can be prepared outside of the aircraft and installed when needed; so, it is not necessary to have a dedicated aircraft with specific equipment waiting for these special missions.
Autoflug informed MT in London that there are several pallet configurations, including: medical pallets with attendant; medical pallets for up to six stretchers; medical pallets intensive care; and medical intensive care. However, combined configurations are also possible.

Autoflug pallets suited for the C-130 cargo aircraft are based on the new A400M seat pallet system. (Photos: Autoflug)

Stefan Nitschke

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