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15 September 2015

DSEI 2015: RADA Unveils Three New MHR Radars

RADA Electronic Industries, a leading defence electronics contractor specialising in the development, production, and sale of Tactical Land Radars, was recently selected by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MoD) to supply its tactical radars for the protection of communities adjacent to Israel’s southern border against short range threats, including fires and aerial threats. The company is also expanding its Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar (MHR) family, introducing three new variants in various sizes and ranges for air & surface surveillance on stand N10-450.

At DSEI 2015, RADA unveiled three new derivatives of the MHR radar for different ranges and diverse air and surface surveillance missions. (Photo: RADA)

"We are very proud of the selection of our systems for the important task of protecting the lives of the residents near the southern border," Zvi Alon, RADA's CEO informed MT. "This programme is the latest of strategic programs in which our radars are taking part, and were announced over the past 18 months, strengthening the global recognition of our unique radar offering."

The Israeli MoD has recently disclosed the selection of RADA’s MHR-based tactical radars for its national alert system. The radars will detect short-range threats, such as UAVs and fires and provide timely lifesaving alerts. Initial orders are for the southern border. RADA’s technology was recognised, through a competitive selection process, as the preferred solution for the operational requirements of this urgent national security project.

The pMHR radar, weighing approximately 20kg, enables the portability of the system on the battlefield and is an ideal solution for force protection missions on the move. The eMHR and ieMHR radars enable longer detection ranges for VSHORAD (Very Short Range Air Defense), sea and air surveillance missions. These radars are especially suitable for installation on ground platforms and small/medium-sized vessels, and as stationary systems for the protection of potentially-threatened areas. One of their great capabilities is the detection – from significant ranges – of the commercial Low, Slow and Small (LSS) aerial vehicles, such as quadcopters, which are becoming a growing threat to strategic sites and commercial aviation.

"The expansion of the MHR family enables us to offer our customers a variety of solutions for a myriad of missions and applications," Alon concludes. "We are now offering our radars to the maritime market, where the systems' minimal SWaP is an essential advantage. With our new systems, we can tailor the most appropriate and effective solution to meet customer requirements."

The MHR Family of S-Band, Software-Defined, Pulse-Doppler, Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars has sophisticated beam forming capabilities and advanced signal processing. The radar platforms provide multiple missions on each platform, and offer unprecedented performance-to-price ratio. The radars are compact and mobile, delivering ideal organic, tactical surveillance solutions for force and border protection applications such as counter rockets and mortars, counter unmanned aerial systems (UAS), ground/surface surveillance, air surveillance, and more.

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