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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Ultra Electronics TCS Launches Ultra ORION X505-V Vehicular Radio

Ultra Electronics TCS launched the Ultra ORION X505-V, a vehicular radio system which provides front line troops with unprecedented broadband network access.

Ultra Electronics TCS' X505-V is on display at the DSEI tradeshow at booth #S2-380.

The X505-V is a multiband, dual channel vehicular solution adapted for high speed on-the-move (OTM) and at-the-quick-halt (ATQH) communications. The radio can operate as a high-capacity mesh node at 80 Mbps or a PMP remote station with 4G performance. With its ability to create a self-organizing OTM network, the radio is ideal for network centric operations, rapid deployments, command & control (C2), disaster recovery and any other mission requiring high mobility and high speed data. The X505-V allows the exchange of bi-directional, multi-party video and secure connection to smart devices, enabling broadband communications at the edge.

For decades, Ultra TCS has provided the high-capacity radio backbones to the world’s Armed Forces,” Iwan Jemczyk, President, Ultra Electronics TCS, told MT. “The X505-V extends this renowned capability down to the lower echelons, supporting the proliferation of sensors and data products that are now essential on the modern battlefield.”

The X505-V radio can also be quickly and easily removed from its vehicle mount for at-the-quick-halt (ATQH) mast-mounted operations, providing extended communications range. It has multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) capabilities, ensuring robust performance in the harshest conditions. The X505-V allows optimal use of licensed and unlicensed frequency bands maximizing spectral efficiency. The radio offers direct (over-the-air) interoperability with upper echelons using mast-mounted ORION radios.

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