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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: RENK Boosts Quiet Ships

Electric motors represent a technically proven and increasingly popular option for naval ships. The Advanced Electric Drive (AED) concept invented by RENK AG is a propulsion module which fits into every modern warship design, ranging from frigates and corvettes to submarines. Behind the prefix AED is the electric motor and the gear unit that are installed on an elastically mounted common raft. The advantages of this propulsion concept are multiple: compact footprint; easy installation; low weight; and quiet operation. AED integrates ideally with on-board electrical systems, replacing the widely used direct-drive motor, according to the company. RENK’s AED is available in four ratings, from 1.4MW to 6MW. As told in London, a comparison between an AED and a low-speed direct drive clearly shows the size difference: The RENK AED 37 weighs 23t compared with 35t quoted for the same output direct-drive main propulsion unit.

RENK engineered AED for very low-noise operation. Speaking with MT, the company explained that it is the perfect alternative for direct electric drives, offering a 40% weight reduction, significantly smaller dimensions, and a low noise potential. It has a rigid lightweight raft that is typified by a high natural frequency and soft-elastic mounting. In combination with the low noise level of the electric motor and the double-helical reduction gear unit, the structure-borne noise is well below the level that is required for a frigate at low speed.
Stefan Nitschke

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