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15 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Patria Unveils the New AMVXP

Patria introduced its new AMVXP model in 2013. Patria's AMVXP combines the future customers’ performance requirements, feedback from the combat operations with the advantages offered by AMV’s well-known basic structure.

At DSEI 2015, Patria unveiled the AMVXP in a new variant. (Photo: Patria)

Whether a wheeled vehicle is used as a personnel carrier or as a platform for weapon systems, the ability to maximise its payload is a key requirement. Due to an extensive testing of the AMVXP, the combat weight has now been increased up to 32t , meaning that AMVXP is now able to deliver a payload of 15 tonnes.

At DSEI, Patria is presenting the AMVXP as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) variant, equipped with OTO Melara’s HITFIST 30mm two-man weapon system. (Photo: DPM)

Through the increased combat weight, the AMVXP has got also bigger wheel size, 16R20, as on option to sustain the superior off-road maneuverability in demanding conditions. In addition, Rear Axle Steering System adds the agility in narrow roads and maneuverability in urban area. The new AMVXP powerpack provides an output power of 450kW, representing an increase of ten per cent over the vehicle’s predecessor. The digital backbone of AMVXP enables easy integration of various systems such as C4I, DAS, BMS, and situational awareness, among others. The vehicle’s own increased electrical power generation capability exceeds the current needs of electrically operated equipment, thus provides ideal foundation to meet future power consumption requirements.

The truly extreme environment for any ordinary land vehicle is water. However, AMVXP has an amphibious basic structure, enabling it – up to a weight of 28t – to swim through water, provided that it is fitted with an amphibious kit.

AMVXP. (Photo: Patria)

The AMVXP has been thoroughly tested during the last couple of years in different configurations with three separate prototypes/preserial vehicles. Two vehicles have been under severe performance and off-road tests in Finland, driven over 15,000km in various conditions. One of the prototypes/preserial vehicles has gone through off-road and on-road testing in extreme hot desert conditions driven few thousand kilometres by soldiers and test personnel.

The objective the designers set for themselves when designing AMV’s features was the full performance tested in arctic cold and hot desert; highway, urban and terrain; dry, wet and snow, to fulfil various customer expectations.

Inside the AMVXP looking out. (Photo: Patria)

At DSEI, Patria is presenting the AMVXP as an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) variant, equipped with OTO Melara’s HITFIST 30mm two-man weapon system:

  • OTO Melara HITFIST two-man electrically operated turret incorporates the latest technologies in the fields of electronics, ballistic protection, observation and aiming systems, ergonomics, signature, and Man Machine Interface.
  • The turret structure is made of light weight alloy; add-on armour panels are installed to reach the required protection level. 
  • Low silhouette design. 
  • HITFIST ‘s digital FCS includes a Gunner and a Panoramic Electro Optical Systems of the latest generation with a Day TV camera and IR Camera, and including the latest generation day and night sensors and eye safe LRF ;meteo sensors and situational awareness are also provided.
  • The Commander and Gunner's symmetrical posts include mine protected seats and latest generation Man Machine Interface with LCD colour displays.

The AMVXP IFV's Armament incorporates:

  • Orbital ATK's BUSHMASTER II MK44 30 mm automatic cannon, electrically controlled elevation, traversing and firing operations; feeding is through belted rounds housed in two ammunition containers. Optionally other main weapons.
  • Two side mounted Anti-Tank Missile Launchers (Rafael SPIKE or equivalent)
  • Secondary armament is 7.62 coaxially mounted FN Herstal FN MAG
  • 2 x4 Galix-13 80mm smoke launchers
  • Optionally 7.62mm pintle mounted machine gun 

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