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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Argon Electronics launches new ADM-300 simulator

Argon Electronics launches its latest radiation detector simulator the UK Pavilion on Stand
S4-270. The ADM-300 simulator replicates the Canberra ADM-300A series meters including the new (V1B) radiation survey meter which detects beta and gamma radiation. This top-of-the-range meter is used by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence and the United States Air Force, among others.

The ADM-300 simulates the analogue and digital display of the detector, the dose rate of the radioactive material and the status of the meter with varying alarm threshold settings.

The advantage of simulating a radiation detector meter is that it removes the environmental, regulatory and health and safety concerns which would accompany real-life situations, yet allows users to experience every operational feature of the ADM-300 detector during training. The ADM-300 simulator will be used for teaching critical search and rescue, reconnaissance, survey and location skills as well as a practical understanding of mapping, shielding and safe demarcation in a challenging environment. The ADM-300 is compatible with Argon's next generation PlumeSIM system and a range of other Argon simulators. This enables multi-detector and multi-threat training within the same operational scenario.

"The ADM-300 simulator is the latest addition to our portfolio of chemical, biological and radiation hazard detection simulators," said Steven Pike, Managing Director of Argon Electronics. "CBRN training is essential in this time of heightened security and Argon offers flexible, scalable solutions which are already in use by the CBRN community around the world."

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