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16 September 2015

DSEI - Metravib details its latest gunshot detection systems

At DSEI, Acoem's Metravib is displaying some of its latest acoustic gunshot detection systems including the Pilar helicopter version that has been tested on a wide range of helicopters including the Mil Mi-8/17, Sikorsky S-70, Airbus Helicopters AS550/555 and SA330 Puma. Metravib touts the low false alarm rate and the accuracy of its systems which are easily adaptable for positioning on the helicopter's airframe. Pilar provides information on azimuth, elevation, range, caliber and miss distance of the threat with ground versions also giving GPS coordinates of the shot's origin. Speaking to MT, Philippe Sombstay, defence sales manager at Acoem, indicated that despite their being no orders for the helicopter version yet, Metravib is in a good position to compete for the future supply of acoustic gunshot detection systems that might be needed as part of the mid life upgrade of the Airbus Helicopters Tiger attack helicopter. Recently, the European arms procurement agency OCCAR initiated the so-called Tiger Mk3 architecture study which will look into enhancements of the aircraft's mission systems including its electronic warfare self protection suite.

In July, Metravib signed a contract with the French defence procurement agency DGA to develop an enhanced version of its Pilar vehicle version. This will result in the Pilar V being integrated into the new Jaguar and Griffon armoured vehicles that are being developed by Renault Trucks under the French army's Scorpion programme. The current Pilar IV is in use with the French army which calls it Systeme de Localisation Acoustique de Tireur Embusque (SLATE). According to Sombstay 200 VAB wheeled APCs have been equipped with the Pilar system, the integrated version of which can give cues to a remote controlled weapons station. Having sold over 1,000 Pilar systems in 25 countries, Metravib also offers a standalone version of the Pilar vehicle version together with a ground version that can be used for perimeter protection of forward operating bases, observation posts, checkpoints etc. The latter can be combined with Metravib's Pivot, an observation turret with a day/night camera. There is also Pearl, a miniaturized system for dismounted infantry which according to Sombstay is in use with SOF units in at least two NATO countries. He also indicated that Metravib is currently negotiating with a country in the Middle East region for the possible delivery of Pearl acoustic gunshot detection systems
Pieter Bastiaans

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