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15 September 2015

Chess Dynamics Launches Hawkeye Land Based Electro-Optic Surveillance and Fire Control Systems

Chess Dynamics can now provide an easy ’one-stop-shop’ for electro-optical system solutions for land users

A new family of land based electro-optical systems is launched today at DSEI 2015.  The Hawkeye series provides a scalable surveillance solution for defence and security forces which is on display on stand S8-140.

Building on the success of the Sea Eagle series launched at DSEI 2013, the Hawkeye series is designed specifically to meet the needs of a wide variety of surveillance, target acquisition and tracking, amongst which are accurate gun-laying and fire control.

The family is based on four complimentary groups; tripod or quad-pod mounted Deployable Systems (DS), mast mounted Vehicle Systems (VS), infrastructure mounted Fixed Systems (FS) and dedicated weapon platform or turret mounted Combat Systems (CS).  The Chess Dynamics Hawkeye family has been developed to offer the user solutions that meet requirements and tasks across the spectrum of operations.

Using the experience gained in developing the Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS), Chess has designed a common command and control (C2) software that incorporates highly accurate tracking algorithms and a user interface that can be applied across the range of deployable, vehicle and fixed systems.  In doing so, Chess Dynamics has been able to provide discreet EO surveillance solutions that meet the users’ needs in a single package.

During discussions with customers it has become clear that they have been looking for an integrated family of land based electro-optical systems which utilise common user interfaces to reduce training times but which also have the flexibility and modularity to be used in a wide range of situations, both on and off vehicle,” said Graham Beall, Managing Director of Chess Dynamics. “We are very excited by the advances we have made over the spring and summer this year with the integration of multiple sensors.  By applying the same methodology we have used to perfect the AUDS system, we can now truly offer the customer a robust, reliable multi-sensor surveillance system at excellent value for money.

Based largely upon the proven Cobra, Zeta and Iota platforms, the Hawkeye series marries operationally proven masts, platforms and cameras with state of the art software.  The system is designed and built in-house.

Examples of HAWKEYE platforms are on display on the Chess Dynamics stand, S8-140, during DSEI 2015.

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