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16 September 2015

DSEi 2015: L3 Fusion Google System Now Available for Export

For the first time ever outside the USA, L3 can show the AN/PSQ-36 Fusion Google System (FGS). It was already fielded in 2009 but was US only or under FMS (foreign military sales – a government to government deal), now L3 can export it to all NATO courtries and other “friendly” one like Japan directly. So the international marketing just started. Since 2009 the FGS saw several product improvements.

The FGS is a night vision goggle (I2) with a thermal overlay. The fusion picture can also be again overlayed by pictures of an UAV, map data or other important information. This binocular system is compatible with aviator’s night vision imaging system (ANVIS) and binocular night vision system (BNVS) helmet mounts.
Andre Forkert

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