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15 September 2015

DSEi 2015: handover and premier of the AFV AJAX to the UK Army

At the first day of DSEi, the new Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) AJAX was handed over by GDELS to the UK Army. AJAX is known as the SCOUT SV program and was just recently renamed. AJAX will also be the fleet name, but each version will get its own name – so ARES (transportation of specialist), APOLLO (battle damaged tow and repair), ATLAS (recovery), ARGUS (Royal Engineers) and ATHENA (command) will follow, the next version even in this quarter of the year. Philip Dunne, UK Minister of State for Defence Procurement, visited the new vehicle shortly after the unveiling.

The platform, the flagship variant of the AJAX programme, is the second prototype to be unveiled by General Dynamics UK, and the first to feature the Lockheed Martin UK-developed turret. Delivery of the series typ should start at the end of the 1. Quarter 2017, 2016 will be reserved for further testing.
The AJAX platform will be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the British Army on the battlefields of the future.  It will be effective in the most difficult terrains around the world, providing all-weather intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities.

 Commenting on the unveiling of the AJAX platform, MoD Armoured Vehicles Head of Programmes, Major General Talbot-Rice, said: “We are committed to supplying the Armed Forces with the very best equipment possible and are delivering on this by supplying the AJAX platform which will become their first fully digitised armoured fighting vehicle.”
 The AJAX platform is one of six variants to be delivered to the British Army by General Dynamics UK from 2017 through 2024.  It represents the future of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) for the British Army, providing high protection and survivability, reliability and mobility and advanced ISTAR capabilities.

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