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24 September 2015

MDM 2015: FAUN Trackway USA Launches Helipad Multi-Role Packaging Solution

FAUN Trackway USA is launching its latest innovation, a multi-role packaging solution for its range of expedient helipads, at at stand 261, while FAUN Trackway USA is positioned at booth number 3303.

The Helipad Multi-Role Packaging Solution is made up of a 10ft ISO container that carries all of the equipment and tools necessary for expeditionary, humanitarian and relief personnel to build a helipad where infrastructure has been damaged or non-existent. Once the helipad has been deployed, the container can then be put into practical use. The container can be adapted to include power, air conditioning, heating as well as plumbing for showers or toilets. It can be fitted out for a variety of purposes, from a control room or office, to secure storage area or accommodation for use off-shore.

The container is designed to be compatible with both the PSA, PSA-FT and PSA-FT R helipad variants which have been designed by FAUN Trackway to create stable, temporary landing surfaces. The modular structure enables the panels to be laid in varying configurations to accommodate different helicopters.

"We saw a need in the market for a solution that could offer additional operational features to those active in remote areas and following extensive consultations with the UK Royal Engineers and the United Nations, the Helipad Multi-Role Packaging Solution was developed," Mike Holdcraft, Vice President at FAUN Trackway USA, said. "The technology can be used as both a landing area and a temporary base, having been designed to add versatility to both expeditionary and civilian operations. It will be particularly valuable in places where infrastructure has been damaged or is non-existent."

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