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17 September 2015

DSEI 2015: L-3 TRL Enables High Grade Secure Communications

In the global cyber battle, L-3 TRL is able to leverage more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and support of High Grade encryption to ensure threats are identified and countered – even for still emerging vulnerabilities. L-3 TRL's CATAPAN Global solution provides end-to-end protection of traffic across public and private IP networks to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data, assets and networks.

Developed to satisfy the strategic requirements of network designers and integrators to protect voice, video and data communications, Enterprise-CATAPAN provides a low through-life cost solution. Enterprise-CATAPAN Global can also be deployed as a strategic partner for Mini-CATAPAN Global, offering an interoperable, agile gateway solution that can be used in conjunction with tactical systems. (Photo: DPM)

Developed to the same exacting standards as its UK counterpart thatprotects the UK government up to and including Top Secret level, it is currently the only High Grade network and data protection solution that shares a common architecture with national sovereign crypto approved for Government use by a National Approving authority.

Across any network, CATAPAN Global will protect the most sensitive of data from exploitation, whilst giving the freedom and flexibility to operate without constraint. On the surface, business flows as normal while crucial data is silently secured in the background. It is a complete solution that provides a sovereign capability, enabling customers to choose how they deploy and manage their systems, from the strategic or enterprise level down to the highly tactical and mobile.

The CATAPAN Global solution incorporates a Key Management System (KMS) at the core of which is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) which allows customers to generate and control their own cryptographic keys, verified by a Trust Anchor specific to the customer or enterprise.

CATAPAN Global solutions deliver security and protection across public and private networks, integrating sophisticated hardware encryption technologies that deliver network security at the highest level, meeting your own security needs. It is a complete solution, which provides a sovereign capability; with the inclusion of a key management system that enables you to choose how you deploy and manage your system, from the strategic enterprise level down to the highly tactical and mobile, supporting mission specific operations. CATAPAN Global can be embedded onto a variety of platforms to enable a wider range of network security for specialised requirements, providing the ability to send voice, data and video securely. Itl can furthermore be integrated with a variety of platforms to enable a wider range of network security options for specialised requirements.

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