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16 September 2015

DSEI 2015: Andre Forkert's Photographic Recap of Day 1

oday Busch GmbH from Germany unveiled the AMP-1 TP ballistic helmet. It is the first composite and lightest VPAM certified helmet worldwide. The is only one other VPAM helmet on the market, made from titanium – but the Busch AMP-1 TP is of composite and 25% lighter. VPAM is the gold standard of ballistic testing certification within the German speaking countries for law enforcement requirements. It offers a multi-impact suspension and an impact energy management system. The visor mount of the fully integrated and modular helmet system is located at the multi-function side rail, but do not impede main rail access for cameras, torches, strobes, etc.  The multi-function side rail offers a fast and easy visor fixture and allows mounting of the ballistic mandible and additional side plates. The helmet is constructed of a multi-layer aramid composite using Busch’s patented EBSP method. For higher comfort it is using the Busch pad system.

Revision Military, has won the head sub-systems portion of the contract awarded to Source Vagabond Systems Ltd., to provide UK Troops with new kit as part of the Virtus program. At DSEi Revision is showing this system and its high flexibility and adaptability. The Revision custom-designed head protection solution, known as the Batlskin Cobra Plus, offers an ultra-lightweight helmet that exceeds the UK’s stringent ballistic and impact requirements and can be coupled with the patented Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS) for full face protection. In addition, the Revision Sawfly Spectacle and WolfSpider Goggle Systems will be provided for use when full-face coverage is not required. The first deliveries of Cobra Plus head protection systems are planned for quick shipment with 9,000 full systems scheduled for Autumn, 2015 enabling fielding to first-recipient troops in early 2016. The Cobra Plus helmet, fitted with the Modular Suspension System - a fully adjustable liner and retention system designed to maximize comfort and stability during long periods of wear – also carries an integrated front mount and mini rail system to attach NVG’s and accessories such as flashlights or cameras. The MPAS consists of a ballistic Mandible Guard for lower face and jaw protection as well as an optically correct Visor that can be completely closed and sealed for full protection, vented for additional air flow, or put into an upright locked position when not required. This flexible facial protection solution is equally suitable in riot control scenarios as it is fulfilling different mission requirements on the battlefield. At the Revision booth also shown is their solution for the USSOCOM TALOS programme.

White lacier is presenting its ARTIC 25 solution of a cold water protection at sea. According to the company its ARTIC 25 suit meets and exceeds all immersion suit standards. It can be fully donned in less than 60 seconds and prevent hypothermia for up to 25 hours – four times the standard. It is even suitable for a jump of 10 m height and offers a four second fire protection. You want to try it out? Jump in their pool at their DSEi booth.

GDELS UK is presenting a FOXHOUND C4I version vehicle for UK requirements to replace older and unprotected Land Rover C4I command vehicles. It is not clear, if the FOXHOUND will be the choice, because if more space is required even a GDELS-MOWAG EAGLE 6x6 could be offered. The goal is to give the crew more space, for more equipment ans a much better protection out in the field.

Juliet Marine Systems Inc. from the USA are presenting their SWATH GHOST ship for the first time ever outside the USA. GHOST is a reconfigurable high-speed waterplane area twin hull (SWATH) vessel that holds the speed world record for that kind of class with 32.5 knots. At the DSEi only a modell is shown, but the GHOST is undergoing sea trials since five years. The vessel has a size of 40 ft aboce and 60 ft below the water line, it is reconfigurable, because its boom amrs are adabtable for slow speed and shallow water or high speed and sea state. Some other interesting fesatures are the low radar and visual signature, hybrid turbine and electric drive, modular mission payload bay for up to 4 tonnes, traction propellers (at the front of the bladder), hybrid drive, transmissions and fly-by-wire control surfaces. The drag is reduced through gas generation. The current prototyp has a crew of two and offers space for 16 passengers with a total payload of four tonnes. The 2x 1,800 hp gas turbines offer a speed of 32.5 knotes and a range of 350-500 miles. A future version should offer two aditional passender, 2x 3,000 hp gas turbines, payload of 5 tonnes and a speed of 70+ knotes. Also shown at the booth is a model of a much smaller unmanned version.

At DSEi, Motec released it MOTS Multi-Purpose Vision System MVCU 1600, it should replace an older MB 1406 system and is MIL-STD 461 (EMV) certified. The MVCU 1600 is the core of the system and includes an intelligent steering for up to eight cameras and five screens. The MVCU 1600 box collects all video signals, and distribute them through a given role specification – every screen can show a different view, can be automatically redirected, if the driver or crew take specific actions and so on. The video signals can be overlaid with lines, texts or graphics- static or dynamic. New at the system is the video controller, so simple and “dumb” screens can be used. The system still uses analog signals, because up to today the military community has not defined their standards. The system is also available in a “smaller” version for four cameras and two screens.

S&S precision from the US is presenting it brand new tactical Rhodesion water vest (chest rig) for frogman. This new vest was built for requirements of a European country who wants to start trials in the upcoming weeks. It is made of hank material, the advantage this material does not absorb water, so the weight stays the same in and outside the water. The European country asked S&S to develop it, because they are already using their plate carrier.

At DSEi Rheinmetall is presenting it SURVIVOR R for the first time in a medical version. The vehicle should meet the UK requirements for an upcoming tender. Even with a higher roof it could be of interest for a German tender of a protected medium size medical vehicle.

For the first time ever Thermoteknix is showing pre-series models of their new TiCAM 90, TiCAM 600, TiCam 1000 and the FuseIR. TiCAM 90 is an uncooled thermal Imaging monocular with 40° FoV and a weight of 150 gr., that is powered by 1x AA battery. The are two versions: TiCAM 90 with 384x288 17 micron pitch and the TiCAM 90+ with 640x480 17 micron Pitch. The TiCAM 90 can detect a man at 351 m (recognition 88 m, identification 44 m) or a tank at 807 m (rec. 202 m, ident. 101 m), the TiCAM 90+ offers a better range with a man detection of 575 m or a tank at 1,321 m. It also offers a laser pointer. The TiCAM 600 is a medium range thermal handheld that detects a man at over 2 km. There are also two versions with a TiCAM 600 384x288 17 micron pitch and the 600+ with a higher resolution of 640x480. It can record up to 11 hours of HD digital video (48 hrs on lower resolution) or over 60,000 photos. As an option the user can choose between a visible 650 nm red laser target marker or 850 nm laser for the use with NVG. Weight is 450 gr. The TiCAM family will be available from January 2016 on. FuseIR is based on a high sensitive and high frequency intensifier tube and Thermoketnix MicroCAM 3 thermal imaging core. As modes, it offer I2 only, thermal only or fused and just weighs 300g.

According to Torqeedo GmbH from Germany, they are the biggest producer of electric engines for maritime applications such as canoes, Jet Ski and RHIBs. At DSEi they are showing their latest products, e.g. for Special Forces who would like to sneak at a beach without the sound of an engine but with the power of it.

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